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How to configure NetBeans IDE to get modules from
This Update Center contains modules for NetBeans IDE 5.0. They very likely will not work with any other versions of the IDE. Don’t try.


We run this update center as a free service for the community. Many modules hosted here are experimental by nature and haven’t gone through serious testing. By installing them you’re running the risk of getting the IDE into unusable state. There is absolutely no warranty of any kind that the software you download from this server will do what you expect. The entire risk is with you. We cannot be held responsible for any damage the software does to you or to your business.

If you read this disclamer, are not scared to death, know what you’re doing, the risk you take, but still want to try, then you can move on to the instructions.

  1. Register the Update Center

Method One

In this method you manuall download and install a small module. It takes care of the little details and registers a new update center for you.

Download this NBM file. Save it somewhere on your hard disk
Go to menu Tools | Update Center
In the Update Center wizard choose the option to install manually downloaded modules
Since the NBM files hosted here are not digitally signed by update center key, the modules are not checked by default. You have to explicitly check the checkbox next to the module name
Method Two

You can also add the new update center yourself without the help from the little module in Method One. The URL is{$netbeans.autoupdate.version}.xml?{$netbeans.hash.code}

The exact steps are left as an exercise for the powerusers. Hint: Advanced Options.

  1. Get Modules from Update Center

From now on you can use the Update Center wizard to install new modules or their updates from The IDE also periodically checks if there is anything new and displays a little icon on the status line if it is the case. The default period is once a week.

  1. Provide Feedback about Modules

Whenever we add a new module to this update center, a news item will be posted on You can add your comments and read comments from other users. It’s somewhat like a blog. And indeed we use a blogging software called Pebble to run this site.