How to contribute

There are many ways to contribute. The simplest one is to drop a few words about how you like or dislike the modules. All modules hosted on this site are open source. Their authors work on them in their free time and give them to the community for free. They certainly appreciate your feedback.

We welcome feedback about the service running on this site itself. You can add comments to suitable news item or send mails to

To make this site useful, first and foremost, we need modules. To module writers: we’ll be happy to host your software, and do it for free. Here are the criteria and steps

  1. Your module must work with NetBeans 5.0
  2. Your module must be open source software
  3. It must do something useful, and should not do evil things to the users. Bugs happen. If serious bugs are found we may have to remove the module from the update center, wait for the fix, and post the updated version.
  4. To submit your module, send email to The message must contain the following information
    • Your name and email address
    • Name and email address of the module author. It doesn’t have to be you.
    • URL where we can download the NBM. We don’t want to build the module ourselves.
    • Information about where we can get the source code of the module. Note we only host open source modules
    • Short description of the module. What it does. How the user can use it.
    • If the module has a homepage and more documentation online, then include their URL too

Of course rules are here to be violated 🙂 When in doubt, just send us an email.