What is nbextras.org

This Website nbextras.org Just to Be Private Blog Network, and if you want to BUY IT or get Backlink from this website jus contact me.. I will help you

A short version
nbextras.org is an unofficial update center for NetBeans IDE. Unofficial in a sense that this server is not attached to nor endorsed by NetBeans.org. This update center is not preconfigured in the IDE, to get new modules and updates from here the user will have to configure the IDE manually according to the instructions.

This server also has a website. It’s powered by Pebble, a blogging software written in Java. New modules added to the update center will be announced by the gatekeepers, a group of volunteers from NetBeans user community. Others can provide feedback, appraisals, critcisms about those module by adding their comments to the news entry.

The users are welcome to bookmark this site and/or subscribe to its newsfeeds.

Slightly longer version

The main motto of NetBeans IDE is “it just works”, meaning the users don’t have to spend days to configure the IDE or to find plugins. Just download the IDE, install it and you’re ready to go. The IDE comes prepacked with most of what Java developers want. It covers all main Java technologies, from ME, SE, to EE.

NetBeans.org developers also have very strong mindset about usability. Features should work together, should integrate with each other smoothly, no matter whether they are implemented by a single module (aka plugin) or by multiple modules.

Extreme care is taken before a new module is added to the NetBeans IDE standard distribution or even uploaded to NetBeans.org update center. This is a good thing.

However, with the coming of NetBeans 5.0 module development is supported by the IDE itself, out of the box. This leads to a few interesting effects. One: it’s now a lot easier to write a module to do simple but useful things. Two: more and more modules show up on the scene. Those modules usually address specific needs of a small group of users. They are often times not completely polished, but are still useful for somebody.

nbextras.org update center is set up exactly for this kind of modules. This is not to say there are not big, significant NetBeans modules out there. But they are usually backed by companies, or already have their established website.

nbextras.org is run by volunteers. The modules hosted here are cutting edge stuff. They haven’t go through extensive QA. Oftentimes don’t have extensive documentations. The feature set may not be complete. But they are known to work. They are known to do something useful to somebody. Some of them may be useful to you. However, there is no guarantee for anything. Try it out yourself.


This site is kept up and running by a few of us in our spare time. We do this because we like NetBeans and see this as a way to give back to the community. We can be reached by email: seyfularifin@gmail.com

The current gatekeepers are: Andrei Badea, Petr Hrebejk, and Trung Duc Tran. We all three work at Sun Microsystems. The project we work on happens to be NetBeans. (You shouldn’t be shocked 🙂 However this site is our private activity done in our private spare time. The hosting cost is paid by our private money. Our employer, Sun Microsystems, cannot be kept responsible for what you find here.

Instructions how to set up the new Update Center in NetBeans IDE

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